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Plan View of Proposal

The graphic below shows the planned In-N-Out development at Hamilton and Almarida. Note that the two entrances and exits are Almarida and Hamilton. Observation of traffic suggests that Hamilton will be used as the primary entry point, and Almarida as the primary exit.


At peak times, traffic exiting Hwy. 17 would most likely use the Hamilton entry point, and can completely block the intersections at Salmar, Almarida, and Creekside.


Note the proximity of the Almarida exit point to Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Panera, and other businesses.


The Plan View shows 64 parking places, and 22 vehicles in the drive-thru line.



Typically, In-N-Out locations (at least in the south Bay Area) are located within a large shopping center without direct access from a main street, and where there are typically no immediately adjacent residential areas.

This means that customer drives into parking lot of a shopping center first, before parking or entering drive-through area. This is not the case at the Hamilton/Almarida site, where Access is directly from Hamilton, a main thoroughfare.  

Examples of typical In-N-Out shopping center locations:

1. Coleman and 880 just south of airport. Location is within the Lowe's shopping center. Customer exits off of Coleman onto Newhall and then pulls into shopping center lot. No direct access from Coleman. No residential nearby.

2. Mercado location in Santa Clara. This is in the Mercado shopping area that includes AMC Mercado, and near Mission College off of Great American Parkway and 101. You drive to center on a side road and then pull into center parking lot to access INO. No direct access from main thoroughfare. No residential nearby.

3. Santa Teresa location, south of Blossom Hill Road in south San Jose. Again, this is located within Kohl's shopping center parking lot. Need to drive into shopping center parking lot and then get access to In-N-Out.

4. Capital Expressway and Tully Road in southeast San Jose. Located within a Safeway shopping center parking lot. No direct access from Capital Expressway. Need to drive into center parking lot to access In-N-Out.

Updated January 11, 2018 | Website Administrator – Charles Drew