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The “No on In-N-Out” petition can be accessed here at

We will provide updates on the number of supporters on a regular basis.

Vote NO Petition Signatories: 2,140 (Online & Paper Signatures) – October 19, 2019

Petition opened online on July 27, 2017


City of Campbell Community Forum

The City of Campbell maintains the Envision Campbell initiative to increase community input and engagement as we work to maintain our high quality of life, safety and other critical services for our community. The City monitors these comments and uses them in its decision-making process. Go to to make your opinion known.


Public Comment on Proposed In-N-Out Burger:
305 verifiable statements (to September 14, 2019)


67% of respondents DO NOT WANT an In-In-Out at 499 E. Hamilton

 Traffic congestion (90% of "No's") is the most commonly voiced issue.



31% of respondents support an In-N-Out at 499 E. Hamilton.
43% of the "Yes" votes love the hamburger and/or don't have to drive so far.



2% of respondents did not indicate a clear preference.


City of Campbell Frequently Asked Questions

The City of Campbell, in response to concerns by residents, has posted a “Frequently Asked Questions
” Click on HERE to download it.
A copy of the statement (in PDF) can also be downloaded at


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