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Many of the people who have signed the petition have provided thoughtful comments. Here are some examples.


  • The traffic at that intersection, which I go through multiple times each day, is already very bad. We were told that the Kohl's and Bed, Bath and Beyond shopping center would not impact traffic flow but once the stores were open the negative impact on the intersections in the area was immediately obvious. An In-N-Out at that intersection will create gridlock and impact drivers that have no intention of going to the restaurant but just want to go to work, school, or home. This location is not the right one for In-N-Out.


  • This will be a really good and visible indicator of public officials' integrity. This is OBVIOUSLY a really terrible idea, especially given the current state of traffic congestion in the area and the nature of the surrounding community.

  • That is insane.
  • No - In-n-out at Campbell location - no to increased traffic, decrease of pedestrian safety, rogue drivers not following safe driving practices. Example: weekends at Classic Car wash Hamilton/Bascom.
  • I shop in Campbell all the time and the traffic is currently very heavy! If an In-N-Out is opened there, I will avoid that area completely.  
  • I am 95 years old, and I think this is a terrible idea because of all the miserable traffic that impacts the neighbors in the close area where I live! Please don't allow this!  
  • We already have one business congesting traffic 1/4 mile down the road in Campbell. The Delta Queen Car wash customers routinely line up into the roadway backing up the right turn from Bascom Ave onto Hamilton Avenue. An In and Out burger on Hamilton would be far worse – even back up Freeway traffic at dinner time.
  • Please vote no on proposed In & Out on Hamilton. I travel on Hamilton daily and local traffic is already congested - limiting when I'm willing to visit local businesses in that area. Adding In & Out will prompt me to take my business elsewhere. Thank you!  
  • Not interested in traffic, the constant smell of frying food especially onions, beef and potatoes in the neighborhood. Constantly. Stop thinking about the dollar and think about quality of life. Would you want to wake up to the smell of food you have not chosen to eat, EVERYDAY?!!! there's a reason they are located near non-residential freeways, don't try to put one in an established neighborhood!!! Would you want one in your backyard? Put yourself in our shoes.  
  • This intersection at Almarida/Hamilton is already extremely congested. In & Out Burger locations are known to have long lines of vehicles. The parking lot and area at this site cannot accommodate the customers anticipated and this will cause back up and additional congestion to an area that already is overwhelmed.  
  • Terrible location for this, the traffic right there at that intersection is already a congested mess! Also, the last thing the City of Campbell needs is yet another burger joint/fast food restaurant!  
  • The intersections along Hamilton near the freeway are already becoming stretched beyond reasonable capacity. Almarida, Home Depot, Salmar and the freeway off ramps convergence is dangerous. There are already back-ups up [on] Hamilton past Central and onto Highway 17 at the off-ramp. The addition of the high volume of cars and In and Out and would bring would hugely exacerbate this problem. In and Out is not a good fit for this space.  
  • Very concerned about an already congested unsafe traffic bottleneck becoming far worse. A different type of restaurant would be much better suited to this location, preferably one that serves healthy food!  
  • The traffic is already dangerous with the people trying to get off 17 merging into Hamilton traffic - especially if they want to turn at that corner. The light from Home Depot had to be changed to turn only after the confusion and accidents. That particular corner is a mess and very dangerous. This would be completely irresponsible and reckless. I'm hoping that there are some adults left in local government to stop the insanity.  
  • Hamilton Avenue traffic in that area is already a nightmare. The proposed In-N-Out will only add to the traffic jam since their lines are consistently long and protrude into streets causing gridlock. This idea is ridiculous. No to In-N-Out!  
  • No thanks, that location is not a good idea. The amount of traffic congestion is already unbearable. The Hamilton exit from 17/880 is quite dangerous as it is. Please consider another location.  
  • Hamilton Avenue is already over-crowded, what with Home Depot, Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Panera, etc., on that very SAME corner! Please do NOT negatively impact our community this way. Please listen to the local residents regarding this matter. Thank you.


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