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Very Congested Traffic at Intersections


CalTrans information indicates that we currently have heavy traffic at many of our local intersections. As can be seen in the following table providing CalTrans data from 2010 (7 years ago), traffic entering and exiting Hwy. 17 at Hamilton Ave. is very heavy. Do you think traffic has gotten much heavier in the past 7 years? We do! We believe a study today would show significantly increased traffic volume at these locations. Note the extremely high total (data that's 10 years old) for the Hwy. 17 southbound off ramp to Hamilton – a number that will only get worse as that will be the most common route for traffic heading for In-N-Out!



Average Daily Total (ADT) 2010 – Hwy. 17 and Hamilton


Southbound Off Ramp to Hamilton



Northbound On Ramp from Eastbound Hamilton



Northbound On Ramp from Westbound Hamilton



Northbound Off Ramp to Hamilton



Southbound On Ramp from Eastbound Hamilton



Southbound On Ramp from Westbound Hamilton



* 2007 data


Further Caltrans data from 2015 indicates that traffic at the Hwy. 17/Hamilton corridor is an astounding 164,000 vehicles per day (AADT – Average Annual Daily Total), and projecting 191,000 vehicles per day in the near future – almost 200,000 cars per day!


Even MORE Traffic with

New Development in our Area

There are a number of recent projects, and in-progress or planned construction in the vicinity of the highways, streets, and intersections that will impact traffic in our neighborhood. These projects will significantly increase traffic volumes on the Highway 17/880 corridor between Stevens Creek Boulevard and points south of Hamilton Avenue, and particularly at the Highway 17 on and off ramps and the Winchester Boulevard, North Central Avenue, Almarida Drive, Salmar Avenue, Creekside Way, and S. Bascom Avenue intersections on Hamilton Avenue.


Following are just some of the recent and planned developments, and the anticipated traffic volume increases as indicated by the increase in parking spaces (about 8,000 new parking spaces).


Westfield Valley Fair Expansion ($900 million expansion – in progress)


·      A three-level, 150,000 square foot Bloomingdale's department store

·      265,000 square feet of new interior shop space, adding 100+ new stores

·      An outdoor dining promenade fronting Stevens Creek Boulevard

·      3,000 new parking spaces


The Pruneyard Shopping Center

  Some of the new restaurant tenants will include Burger Lounge, Tin Pot Creamery, Lulu's (a family run taqueria), Asian Box, and Peet's Coffee.


·      5 new retail buildings

·      100,000 sq. ft. additional office space

·      680 new parking spaces


Creekside Business Center – (675/705 Creekside Way)


·      5-story 172,000 sq. ft. office building

·      1-story 11,500 sq. ft. office building

·      2 multi-level parking structures

·      1,025 new parking spaces


Santana Row


·      New 8 story building, 284,000 sq. ft.

·      Approximately 1 million square feet of office


Santana Row West


·      Up to 6 new buildings, as much as 9 stories

·      29,000 sq. ft. new office space


Residences at Railway (300 Railway Avenue)


·      119 apartments

·      32 townhomes

·      6 duet units.


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