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This section will be updated continually as
information becomes available.


City Council will DENY
In-N-Out Burger Application!

If you were confused by the proceedings at the City Council meeting on Tuesday October 15, you are not alone.

Here's what happened:

At least 3 of 5 Council members, and maybe more were prepared to vote “NO” on the In-N-Out proposal, but City staff did not prepare the resolution to include the required “denial” language. Thus, Council directed City staff to amend the resolution to include the legally defensible denial sections, and City Council will vote accordingly on the resolution on November 5th.

Planning Commission DENIES
In-N-Out Application

The contentious midnight Planning Commission vote on September 10 was 2-2 which is an effective denial of the In-N-Out Burger proposal. In-N-Out has reportedly appealed the denial, thus the Campbell City Council will make the final decision. We believe the City Council vote will likely be October 15.

FEIR Response Documents

Following are the Citizens for Sensible Growth (CFSG) and Adams Broadwell FEIR response documents provided to the City of Campbell and the Campbell Planning Commission for the September 10, 2019 Planning Commission meeting on In-N-Out burger.

Click on the titles to download the documents.



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