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This section will be updated continually as
information becomes available.


Environment Impact Review (EIR)
Public Scoping Meeting
July 24th at 7:30 PM

We Encourage Everyone to Attend

Click here to Download the Notice


Since we began our opposition to In-N-Out at Hamilton & 17 in June 2017 we now have to wait another 6 months (maybe until next January) to get an EIR (Environmental Investigation Report) that was triggered by the F and D graded intersections in the traffic report. We, the Citizens For Sensible Growth, could have told them this by observation, but this is the protocol, so here is the process, as we understand it:

On Tuesday June 24th, there will be a scoping meeting in the City Council Chambers at 7:30 PM to discuss which items will be included in the EIR to study. (To our knowledge, this will be the ONLY item on the agenda so we won’t have to sit through other presentations.) The EIR will evaluate the project for potential impacts on the environment and determine the potential environmental consequences of future change.

Topic Areas include, but may not be limited to:

• Aesthetics
• Air quality
• Biological resources
• Cultural and tribal cultural resources
• Geology and soils
• Greenhouse gas emissions
• Hazards and hazardous materials
• Hydrology and water quality
• Land use and planning
• Noise
• Population and housing
• Public services
• Parks and recreation
• Transportation and circulation
• Utilities and service systems.

The public is invited to attend the meeting and make comments regarding what should be covered in the report. All items may not be included in the report, depending on what The City of Campbell Development decides should be covered. Public comments will be allowed at the meeting and until August 10th at 5:00 PM. Send written comments to

Daniel Fama, Senior Planner
City of Campbell
Community Development Department
70 North First Street
Campbell, CA 95008

You can also email comments to if you cannot attend the meeting. It would be good to have our group represented at the July 24th meeting. I don’t think we need as many as we had at the first Planning Commission meeting last April, but a group of 50 + sitting with our signs would be very helpful, and make another powerful statement.

We are not discouraged, despite the very long process. We truly feel we have the facts on our side. We also feel that this is a waste of money and time, but we need to follow the procedures.

Please send an email to if you will be attending and/or if you would like to speak for 2 minutes. Comments should include the items to be studied, not just a condemnation of the whole project.

Final Traffic Impact Sudy (TIS)

May 16, 2018


The FINAL Traffic Impact Study has ben released. You may view it by clicking here.

There are no substantive improvements to the draft TIS, with changes primarily limited to editorial corrections to text and tables.


  1. The Hwy. 17 southbound off-ramp/Salmar intersection is projected to be a "FAIL" (Level of Service "F").

  2. Because that intersection is LOS F, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is required. (The City has issued a Request For Proposals (RFP) for the EIR, with responses/bids due Monday, April 16.)

  3. The study predicts that neigborhood streets in Hamann Park will not be significantly affected. (We disagree, and data from a professionally-conducted TIS Peer Review agrees.)

  4. The study recommends that the Hwy. 17 southbound off-ramp be widened with the addition of an additional lane. (This was also recommended in a 2004 TIS for the Kohl's development, but never funded.)


  1. There appear to be deficiencies and omissions in the Traffic Study.

  2. Traffic Study counts at many key intersections and neighborhood streets were collected at the wrong time of day and/or for an inadequate period of time.

  3. There is no supportable justification in the Traffic Study or in City documents (dating back to 2004) that widening the Hwy. 17 southbound off-ramp would reduce traffic congestion at key intersections. It might make it worse!

  4. The traffic counts for neighborhoods were too small a window of time and on incorrect days to reliably predict traffic. There is no qualitative assessment – cars speed over the speed bumps at 50 miles per hour, blow through stop signs, and drivers throw trash on our streets. We live in these neighborhoods and W-Trans does not.

The Process Briefly Explained

January 10, 2018


There are a number of studies and reports that the City of Campbell Planning Department require. These include the Traffic Impact Analysis, Site Plans, Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and Architectural Review. (Click on CFSG - City Campbell Meeting Minutes 9-12-17 Final.pdf for a more complete description of the required permits and processes.)


Once the City of Campbell Planning Department has received all relevant reports and studies, it will assess the information before forwarding the data and recommendations to the City of Campbell Planning Commission. A public hearing shall be scheduled once the Community Development Director has deemed the application complete.


In addition, there are three conditional use permits that will be required at this location. They are:

1.      Late hours (after 10:00 PM).

2.      Drive-thru Restaurant.

3.      Fast food restaurant.

If any these are disallowed, the application, as filed, is denied.


The Planning Commission consists of seven appointed citizens who will decide by simple majority whether the In-N-Out proposal will, or will not be approved. Any decision by the Planning Commission may be appealed by any party to the five-member elected City Council who, by simple majority, will make a final decision.


If the Planning Commission's decision is for application approval, Citizens For Sensible Growth WILL appeal the decision to City Council.


Note that by City law, either In-N-Out or a residential or commercial property owner within 300 feet of the proposed In-N-Out development may file legal suit to challenge a final decision by City Council. Property owners may only file suit on the basis of issues that they have raised with the City prior to the close of public comment.



Meetings and Discussions with Public Officials


CFSG has met with a variety of Public Officials and City Staff to discuss our issues and concerns.


Public (elected) Officials and their position on the In-N-Out application. Our committee has called on the following politicians in our area to get their feedback: Contact these politicians to make your voice known.

1.      Ken Yeager, Santa Clara County Supervisor: Against (click here to download Ken Yeager' s letter).

2.     Chappie Jones, San Jose Councilmember, District 1: Against (verbal).

3.      Jason Baker, Ex Campbell Mayor: Against (verbal).

4.     Evan Low, California State Assembly: Against, waiting for his formal statement.

5.     Jim Beall: Has cancelled our meeting due to scheduling changes.


Campbell City Council

Note that City Council members may not indicate how they may vote on an appeal.

1︎.      Mayor Paul Resnikoff: Met with him.

2. ︎     Vice Mayor Rich Waterman: Met with him on several occasions.

3.      Jeff Christina: He requested a meeting with us. We met with him for over 2 hours.

4.      Susan Landry: Met with her on several occasions.

5.      Liz Gibbons: Met with her once.


City of Campbell Staff


Campbell Planning Department: Daniel Fama, Sr. Planner, and Paul Kermoyan, Community Development Director.

September 12, 2017 (see CFSG - City Campbell Meeting Minutes 9-12-17 Final.pdf).

November 08, 2017.


Campbell City Manager: Brian Loventhal.

November, 2017


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