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Latest Developments - Traffic Study

February 05, 2018


The City of Campbell Planning Department received the administrative draft of the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) study late in the week (January 8 - 12, 2017). According to Sr. Planner Daniel Fama, they "will need some time to review it." As of February 5, 2018, we have still not received a draft copy for review.

Traffic Study – Traffic Impact Analsyis (TIA)

January 10, 2018


The Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) which was initiated in September 2017, is not yet complete. Discussion with the City of Campbell Planning Department this week indicates that the administrative draft is expected this week. The consulting firm conducting the study, W-Trans, is having someone else look at it before submitting it to the City. Administrative drafts are not made public, and there may be several iterations of the report as the City checks to ensure that all issues are addressed and included in documentation.

 Our expectation is that the final TIA report will be released to the public in the first week of February. Once the final report is released, the City will forward copies to Citizens For Sensible Growth (CFSG), VTA, CalTrans, City of San Jose and any other agencies which are impacted by the proposed use of this property. All groups will have approximately 2-3 weeks to respond, in writing, with any issues, concerns or comments. It is the intent of Citizens For Sensible Growth, employing traffic engineer professionals as appropriate, to closely scrutinize the final report and respond as required.


For a more complete explanation of the process, please refer to the notes for the September 12, 2017 meeting between the City and Citizens For Sensible Growth. Click on CFSG - City Campbell Meeting Minutes 9-12-17 Final.pdf.


The Process Briefly Explained

January 10, 2018


There are a number of studies and reports that the City of Campbell Planning Department require. These include the Traffic Impact Analysis, Site Plans, Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA), and Architectural Review. (Click on CFSG - City Campbell Meeting Minutes 9-12-17 Final.pdf for a more complete description of the required permits and processes.)


Once the City of Campbell Planning Department has received all relevant reports and studies, it will assess the information before forwarding the data and recommendations to the City of Campbell Planning Commission. A public hearing shall be scheduled once the Community Development Director has deemed the application complete.


In addition, there are three conditional use permits that will be required at this location. They are:

1.      Late hours (after 10:00 PM).

2.      Drive-thru Restaurant.

3.      Fast food restaurant.

If any these are disallowed, the application, as filed, is denied.


The Planning Commission consists of seven appointed citizens who will decide by simple majority whether the In-N-Out proposal will, or will not be approved. Any decision by the Planning Commission may be appealed by any party to the five-member elected City Council who, by simple majority, will make a final decision.


If the Planning Commission's decision is for application approval, Citizens For Sensible Growth WILL appeal the decision to City Council.


Note that by City law, either In-N-Out or a residential or commercial property owner within 300 feet of the proposed In-N-Out development may file legal suit to challenge a final decision by City Council. Property owners may only file suit on the basis of issues that they have raised with the City prior to the close of public comment.



Meetings and Discussions with Public Officials


CFSG has met with a variety of Public Officials and City Staff to discuss our issues and concerns.


Public (elected) Officials and their position on the In-N-Out application. Our committee has called on the following politicians in our area to get their feedback: Contact these politicians to make your voice known.

1.      Ken Yeager, Santa Clara County Supervisor: Against (click here to download Ken Yeager' s letter).

2.     Chappie Jones, San Jose Councilmember, District 1: Against (verbal).

3.      Jason Baker, Ex Campbell Mayor: Against (verbal).

4.     Evan Low, California State Assembly: Against, waiting for his formal statement.

5.     Jim Beall: Will meet with him soon – he cancelled our meeting due to scheduling changes.


Campbell City Council

Note that City Council members may not indicate how they may vote on an appeal.

1︎.      Mayor Paul Resnikoff: Spoke briefly and will meet again.

2. ︎     Vice Mayor Rich Waterman: Met with him on several occasions.

3.      Jeff Christina: He requested a meeting with us. We met with him for over 2 hours.

4.      Susan Landry: Met with her on several occasions.

5.      Liz Gibbons: Has agreed to meet with us.


City of Campbell Staff


Campbell Planning Department: Daniel Fama, Sr. Planner, and Paul Kermoyan, Community Development Director.

September 12, 2017 (see CFSG - City Campbell Meeting Minutes 9-12-17 Final.pdf).

November 08, 2017.


Campbell City Manager: Brian Loventhal.

November, 2017



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